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International Outreach - Haiti

The people of Haiti have undergone many hardships throughout the years, so we decided that we wanted to come up with a sustainable project for them. We have learned that one of Haiti's largest problems is the lack of electricity- specifically, lighting. Being on the equator, their daylight starts early and ends early. Often the heat makes it hard too work in the middle of the day. Having no light during the night makes it difficult for Haitians to make practical use of this time. What better way to generate electricity near the equator than through clean and sustainable solar power?

Our project is to send a team of dedicated undergraduate students from The Ohio State University to Haiti over spring break. The purpose of this project is to install a solar powered energy system to provide the electricity necessary to run lights, fans, or even computer charging stations in collaboration with One Laptop Per Child. SE&O is also partnering with students from Haitian Universities to give scholars from both countries hands-on experience working with cutting-edge solar technology.
Our front page featured video from our Spring 2011 project